Now You Can Carry Your iPad Around In Style!

Richard wrote an article today about how to protect your iPad when you tote it around during the day. His solution, iBallz, is a geeky way to make sure it doesn’t get broken; however, I have another option for you to consider.

What if you could store your iPad right in your clothes? That’s right, now you can carry your iPad around neatly and securely in a clear little pouch sewn into your shirt!

What’s the best part? Since the sleeve is transparent, you can use it as a billboard. Just play an advertising video on your iPad, slide it in the pouch, zip it up and off you go! You have now transformed yourself into a walking billboard.

This plastic sleeve even allows the touch screen to work while your iPad is secure, so no need to take it out if you want to quickly run your favorite apps, broadcast a football game to your friends, run a slide show of photos for a small group of people or even allow your kids to play interactive games while you remain hands free! You can buy your own iPad t-shirt here. Remember, the iPad is sold separately. Lol

[via bookofjoe, geeky-gadgets]