Now Your Clock Can Tweet Too!

Being connected is very important to everyone nowadays. If we forget our mobile phone at home, we even will even go back to get it. There are so many new applications and features built on our mobile devices and other gadgets that let us connect with our online friends, our offline friends and our families. I was; however, surprised to find this very cool clock that not only tells you the time but also lets you get feeds from Twitter, RSS from your favorite sites and messages from your instant messaging service.

According to Think Geek We’re internet enabling everything now. Our phones, our gaming consoles and now our clocks. This clock, for example, is incredibly cool in its own right. Red LEDs on a quickly swinging arm create the illusion of text floating in mid-air. It’ll tell the time and the temperature, but the truly nifty part comes from the little port tucked hidden in the back. That’s right, it’s an Ethernet port! Plug it into a router, and register the device on the manufacturer’s website. Once done, you can send it messages from anywhere. The clock sells for $99.99.

* Desktop clock that uses waving LEDs to create floating text
* Internet enabled
* RJ-45 Ethernet port built in
* Messages sent through Twitter, RSS feeds, email, or through
* Displays time, date, temperature, and messages sent through the Internet
* Ships with US 110v plug, for other regions you only need a plug adapter
* No subscription fees