Now Your Plants Can Tweet Too!

It’s social media day today, and it seems that social media is truly here to stay. Of course, this is thanks to Twitter, YouTube and FaceBook. More and more people are getting into it. Did you know that Twitter is so hot right now that even plants can tweet? I hope it does not cause the fail whale to appear more often than we want it to.

Inventors at Botanicalls created a device that has a moist control sensor. This is how it works… the sensor detects if you have not watered your plants. The plants will send you a text message or send you a tweet via Twitter to tell you that it is time to water them. However, they do not only inform you that they need watering, but they will thank you once you’ve done it, or tell you if you have over watered or under watered them that day. You need to watch the video which will show you exactly how it all works. I think it’s a very cool idea. Now we don’t have to guess when our plants need to be taken care of, right?