How To Pass Your MOT First Time

Annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) tests are vital to maintaining the good health and condition of your vehicle, but more importantly, they are compulsory for drivers in the UK. Without a valid MOT pass certificate, you are not legally allowed to continue driving on the roads, but you are going to need all the help and advice you can get to ensure you pass that all-important test the first time around. Moreover, if you want to run a marketing campaign for your transport company, do make it through LD SEO Sydney.

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Clean From Top To Toe

Even if you’re the neatest person in your house, your car may still be in the same state as a barnyard. A house and car are two different things when it comes to being clean, but it’s easy to forget to throw out the rubbish from your car or give it a little TLC occasionally. Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys a dirty car and realistically, there is nothing quite like being trapped between four walls and having no choice but to endure the rancid odor seeping from the fabric of the seats – be sure to give your car a thorough clean before taking it to the MOT center.

Top Brake Fluid Up

For a motor to run smoothly with minimal problems, you should always monitor your brake fluid level. Should this become too low, it must be topped up as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary wear and tear to the brake pads. Obviously, the brakes are arguably the most important part of a vehicle as without them, how are you going to stop? Run regular checks by pressing on the brake pedal, and if this feels spongy, the air in the hydraulic system will need removing by bleeding.

Clear The Windscreen

Vague as it might sound, your windscreen must have no chips or cracks on for you to pass your MOT test. Should you notice any small chips, cracks or any problems with your windscreen at all, you must take your car to the service center in advance. Leaving the problems until your MOT is likely to leave you facing pricier repairs bills.

Do The Lights Turn On?

It’s easy to assume that your lights are fully functioning when sat behind the wheel, because what’s out of sight is out of mind, right? Even though you can’t see them as such, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing wrong with them. You may find that one of your headlights or tail light is out, or even faulty for that matter. Get out of your car and check that they are all working properly before your MOT as faulty electrics can be costly.

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