Photosynth: Seeing the bigger picture.

Microsoft, recently, haven’t been very well known for their successful projects.  Maybe Windows 7 will see that change now.  Before windows 7 existed and just as Silverlight was breaking onto the scene, there was a project called Photosynth.

Photosynth takes a collection of photos and then arranges them so they can be explored in almost a 3D world.  Its a very strange experience.  Google recently released something similar for art work in galleries on google maps.

Photosynth lets you explore some of the worlds famous places and sights from many different angles and sometimes in different weather conditions depending when the picture was taken.  I can loose myself for ages just exploring places, its a great way to look into places you might never have gone or thought of going to.  If you have been you will see things you missed.

I think Photosynth is a really nice idea, and quite nice for design inspiration… I wonder where it will go next.