High Tech Picnic Table Umbrella Uses Sunshine To Charge Mobile Devices

I wrote an article yesterday about how we want our devices to work all the time with no exceptions. We have no patience when our smartphones run low on battery, and we’ll do almost anything to keep that from happening. As a result, manufacturers try to create the most innovative mobile chargers so we can always keep our devices charged up no matter where we are. With the release of this new high tech picnic table umbrella, now we can maintain a full charge even while we’re lounging outside.

We’ve written about a few high tech umbrellas before, but they’ve all been rain umbrellas. This is the first picnic table umbrella I’ve seen that satisfies our need for power. This newly released umbrella converts sunshine into electrical power. The canopy of the umbrella itself has four solar panels woven into hit. It directs the converted power into two USB ports, which are built into the umbrella’s pole. And yes, there is even a battery backup in case it’s a cloudy day.

To me, sitting at a picnic table or patio table with an umbrella like this has always been a way to escape from my technology lifestyle for a few minutes. I don’t know that I would want to charge my devices outside like this. Of course, I say that now, but if I actually had one of these umbrellas, I would probably use it everyday.

This is definitely a picnic table umbrella for geeks. If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, you can click over to Hammacher Schlemmer where it sells for $500. I know; it’s pricey. Like we always say, it ain’t cheap being a geek. Now if we could just find a permanent solution so we can view our smartphone screens in direct sunlight…

Picnic Table Umbrella Is Also A Solar-Powered Device Charger




Via: [Book of Joe] [Green Head]