Pink Juicy Couture Keyboard: Girl Geek Fashion

In the past, when I’ve written an article like this, I’ve gotten tweets and comments from other girl geeks accusing me of being offensive and way too girly. Well, you know what? Pink is my favorite color and I’m a big time girly-girl geek. If that offends you, I suggest you stop reading this right now.

Now on to the coolest fashion accessory I’ve seen in a while. What you see below is nothing other than a bubblegum pink wireless Juicy Couture keyboard. Oh hell yes! This keyboard is made from jelly material which means you can even roll it up and take it with you to the spa. I love it! It would perfectly match the pink sparkly flip-flops I’m wearing right now.

You can get your own pink Barbie style keyboard of happiness (or buy one for your favorite girl) on the Juicy Couture website for $58. It includes a pink USB jump drive, installation disk and two batteries. :)

[via chip chick]