Pocket Projector for iPhone

Thanks to technology, now there is no need to carry bulky projectors for meetings and presentations.  Now there is the PhotoSuit Mili iPhone/iPod Projector.

It has a clam shell design and comes with built-in speakers and power pack for extending battery life of iPhone. The MiLi Pro/Evolution is based on LCoS display technology and LED as backlight offering 640×480 resolution, 5-70-inch screen size, and 10 lumens brightness.

The iPhone projector’s LED offers 20,000 hours of lifetime. MiLi Pro works with iPhone 3GS, 3G, 2G as well as iPod touch. Other than iPhone/iPod dock, the projector offers also VGA and RCA inputs for connecting other devices. The PhotoSuit MiLi Pro will be available in September 2009.