Poppin’ Pills Has Never Been So Geeky!

An everyday activity for most elderly people is to take pills to make sure their health is in balance. Growing older is, and probably always will be, connected to deteriorating health and a lesser physical condition. However, with a little exercise, you can come a long way in minimizing the chances of developing these diseases. Growing old as a geek has its positive moments since you will probably find a better way to dispense those pills that you need on a daily basis.

Designer Vincent Berkely Chen from New York decided to create something that would help elderly people remember, and in so many cases, take the right pills at the right time. He created something he called “Pill Time.” It’s a nifty little geeky concept design of a machine that helps dispense the exact number of pills at the exact time that the person is supposed to take them.

The pills are stored in a beautiful and futuristic dispenser in the proper pods that will be activated, and thus the pill will be dispensed at the right time. The machine can handle a bunch of pills at the same time, which will lessen the burden on an old mind. Your doctor will program the device and insert the pills. All you have to do is to plug the device in at home, and you are ready to roll. Start poppin’ those pills and stay healthy! It’s amazingly geeky and useful!