Power Laces – Self Lacing Shoes Are Now A Reality!

This is a sure winner if you ask me. Do you remember watching Back To The Future when you were younger (much younger), and you marveled over the self lacing shoes that Marty sported? They were nothing short of fantastic, and we all wished that they would one day become a reality. They would truly come in handy when trying to save time, or if we’re in a big hurry. However, there is one thing though… hopefully the batteries won’t run out or you will definitely be late for work.

If they could make this thing just a tad smaller, I think we’d have something really amazing in stores… soon! The way they look now is definitely bionic, but they could come across as a little bulky if you ask me. I would have no doubts about putting them on though (even though they sport the ’80s colors and all) just to be the coolest kid on the block.

I mean, who else has their own pair of self lacing shoes to show off? Most people have shoes, so I am sure this one will be a cash cow if they just make it integrated with the shoe or something. Nike, Reebok and all those other manufacturers should really put some money down and start developing something like this, but in smaller format. They would rock the world with those shoes… for sure!