Is Progressive Software Worth The Investment?

Thousands of startups are launched every year. Unfortunately, most of them end up failing. It’s believed that only one out of ten startups out there has a chance to succeed in the highly competitive technological world.

Most startups owners name different reasons for failure, among which incompetent teams and ineffective development practices take the lead. The thing is that the owners could do a lot more than they might have known for their company and product.

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Software Development Trends

Software development dominates the world of startups. With technologies becoming more and more advanced, startups that specialize in innovative software development have great potential for success.

The use of IT technologies is growing, and it’s clear that the demand for competent specialists is gaining its momentum. The team of skilled software developers leveraging the newest practices of engineering can accelerate product development. Thus, if you set up a strong technology team, chances are high you will conquer the market with a great (and working) software product.

Progressive Software Development – A Simple Explanation

With the advancement of development technologies, software developers need to catch up with the latest engineering practices, new languages, frameworks, platforms, and tools. The portrait of a software developer with a new mindset – this is a person that needs to stay on top of all innovations and be ready to implement them in the work.

This mindset goes hand in hand with progressive software development. This is not a process but rather a philosophy or an approach adopted by companies with software at the forefront. Progressive software development is a relatively new concept. Implementing this approach by a company promises the ensuing high efficiency.

The distinctive feature of this approach is the lifecycle which is different from the traditional lifecycle. In a traditional software development lifecycle, the development process goes on until the testing stage. If a bug is spotted during testing, a developer has to go back to fix the bug and every other bug caused by fixing bugs.

Progressive software development suggests testing at the end of each phase of software development. Thus, the final product will be free of all possible bugs before it moves on to the next stages. The quality of the final software product developed in line with this approach will be much higher.

Should You Adopt This Approach At Your Company?

Following the traditional software development lifecycle, you need to have lots of time on hand to implement the solution before you can see the results. More often than not, critical flaws of the software cannot be found until the testing stage kicks in.

The consequences of this are harsh – breaching deadlines and going over budget. The software development lifecycle where every stage is complemented with testing makes more sense since it doesn’t require backup at the earlier stages of development.

We predict that progressive software development is here to stay. It will also stand a chance to outstrip other competing approaches towards software development. More so, the word of technology is advancing now, and progressive development is a way to adjust to the growing market demands and ever-changing tendencies.

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