Quite Possibly The World’s Fastest iPhone Typist

Are you a speed thumb typist? Have your thumbs ever ached from too much thumb typing? Mine have. I may be fast, but I’m nowhere close to as fast as YouTube user “konceptzoflife.” This guy is lightening fast, so fast it will make you dizzy.

According to http://www.techeblog.com, he will soon prove that the iPhone’s virtual keyboard is just as functional as a physical slide-out version. He uses the iTextSpeed app, which measures words per minute (wpm).

This guy is no joke. When he made this video, he was at 81wpm, now he is up to 83wpm. He says his goal is 90wpm, and I believe he may get there. On YouTube he says, “I honestly believe that there isn’t a faster speed out there at the moment, so I went ahead and submitted this to the Guinness Book of World Records. Hopefully, my application will be accepted!” I hope he makes it into the world record book, we will watch and see.

You will laugh because he’s out of breath, huffing and puffing at the end of this video. I guess those thumb exercises are hard work after all. Dude, let me get you Gatorade or something. Hey, @krystynchong, I bet you could take this guy on for sure!