Brilliant Raspberry Pi Build That Is Like A Babysitter For Hurt Bird

It’s heartwarming when technology improves the lives of people around the world, and it’s also touching when it reaches over into the lives of animals. Recently I wrote about a duck named Buttercup who was born with a backwards foot. His owner 3D printed him a new webbed foot, and after an intense surgery, he could walk properly for the first time ever. Today I’d like to share a story about a bird named Pato who is also benefiting from technology, with the help of a Raspberry Pi build.

Jorge Rance and his friend Christina found a bird with a broken foot. They named the bird Pato and took it to the vet to get a cast. Pato required attention during the day while he healed, but Jorge wasn’t home very much. He knew he needed to rig up a system to monitor Pato for him while he was gone. He created a Pato Surveillance System, which is an ingenious Raspberry Pi build.

According to MAKE, “To monitor Pato remotely, Jorge hooked up a webcam, temperature sensor and water level sensor to the Raspberry Pi. He used Twitpic’s email gateway to post photos of Pato and to alert Jorge if the temperature was too high or the water level was too low.”

If you want to build a surveillance system to monitor a little buddy that you have at home, you could make a Raspberry Pi build like this one. If you click over to Pato Surveillance System, you can read about how exactly Jorge pulled this off. This reminds me of the guy who programmed his Pi to recognize his dog’s bark and automatically unlock and open the backdoor to let him outside or inside the house. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Pato!

The Raspberry Pi Build That’s Like A Babysitter





Via: [MAKE]


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