RC Whirly Helicopter things…

When I was younger, so much younger than today… I used to own some remote controlled items.   I had a car, of course, a red Fokker style plane and a glider.  One thing I always wanted to try was a helicopter.  Now the RC helicopters back there were well, a good deal more expensive than the planes and gliders, so the crashing cost would be ridiculous!

So RC Helicopters were always out of my reach, until they started bringing out these little inside plastic ones.  Now I knew at first these bad boys would be racked with issues and they were still quite expensive – so I waited…

The day arrived when I found a RC Helicopter with a small difference… it had a metal body!  I found it on eBay for a very reasonable $23.99, that’s about 14 of your English pounds sir.   It did have to come from Hong Kong, so had to wait a good few days but it arrived!

Now it claims that it is easy to fly – which it is, although it takes a few goes to get used to… but its metal body and excellent prop design means that its very tough so crashing, although it isn’t recommended, isn’t too much of a problem.  It also comes with a USB Charging cable and some spare bits and bobs just in-case.

So review wise – I would recommend, and I would agree with the box and say for years 14+ :)