The Rise Of Mobile As Part Of Human Life

Currently close to 5 billion people in the world currently own a mobile phone, with that figure rising more and more as they become cheaper and more powerful. It is astonishing how quickly their popularity has risen and there is no denying that they have completely revolutionized the way we live our lives.

Mobiles offer a huge amount of benefits to their users and you can now do practically everything on your mobile phone. Struggling to find your way around a new city? Search Google maps. Need a lift home? Order an Uber. Fancy a game of Blackjack while on the train to work? Log on to a mobile casino.

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The Benefits Of The Modern Mobile Age

The advancement of mobile phones in the modern age is a remarkable innovation that has made day-to-day life easier and the amount of information that be accessed is broader than any generation has had before. More than this, the whole world is more connected than ever before with everyone able to message friends in real time via Facebook or WhatsApp on their phones. Whether they are across the room or across the world.

Travel back 30 years and this vision whereby nearly two-thirds of the population has the ability to access all this on a device that can be slipped into your pocket would have seemed like some sort of utopian fantasy. However, although the many perks of mobile for society are mass and undeniable, is always being connected a good thing, or is our achieved utopia, in fact, a dystopia?

There are many out there that argue that despite the ease of communication we now have, we may have lost something along the way. One of these people is Birungi Ives, an expert on the art of communication. She feels that people have lost the “ability to productively connect” due to the digital age, and the fact that everyone is just a few taps of a finger away has hindered how we interact with one another in real life. So much in fact, that she is often asked by companies across the world for her assistance to help “facilitate impactful partnerships” within their organizations.

This seems like a strange paradox, particularly in the scope of business where there are a lot of advantages of using mobile phones. Essentially, although businesses are now able to connect and make deals with clients across the world when it comes to the daily inner workings of their offices they struggle.

Outside of business, there is also the day to day social side of mobile phones, whereby some have gone as far as to say we become “enslaved” by our mobile phones, as we now need to constantly broadcast everything we do to the world online via the use of our mobiles for it to be validated. So much so that it seems that we cannot enjoy the real-world due to the virtual one that we live on our phones.

The Future Of The Mobile Age

Regardless of the situation as it is now, no one is suggesting that we resort back to the days of letters or faxes, nor would even be possible and would likely have a hugely detrimental effect on society.

There are a huge amount of benefits of the mobile age we live in today, but there is also a strong argument to say there are also many negative factors, mainly social ones. As such, what everyone needs to consider is this. By all means enjoy the many perks that arise from mobile phones, whether that be entertainment, travel or communication, but while you are enjoying them, you also need to remember to look up every now and then.

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