Samsung SSD Angels Highlight The Human Aspect Of Technology

Aside from the obvious technical aspects of technology, one of the main differences about it now compared to a decade ago is something that could easily be overlooked. That is, these days we truly get emotionally attached to our gadgets. I’ve written about it so many times before, and now app developers, tablet manufacturers and other techno wizards are taking that into consideration when developing their next generation devices for us.

I noticed this started for me when I refused to get rid of my Mac laptop that I got back in the late ’90s. I realized it was sentimental to me, which is unlike any PC I’ve ever owned. To this day, it’s stored safely in my closet. Then there came the smartphone, and once that was introduced, it was all over. Now that we have a way to connect with our friends around the world on social media through all the mobile apps available, for most of us, our smartphones never leave our side. It’s like our best friend.

Samsung, a company known for being brilliantly forward thinking, recognizes the human aspect in the relationship between a person and a computer. Back in February, they launched a video called SSD Angels where they provided instant SSD joy and smiles for people who had computers desperately in need of an upgrade. You can see that video here. It was heart warming to see the happiness that technology can bring into people’s lives.

They’ve recently launched part two in this series, and it’s as wonderful as the first one. Kevin, Maddie, James and George (all members of Samsung’s tech team) were selected to be the official “angels” and upgrade the computers. In their SSD wagon, which looks like a retro Ghostbusters ambulance from the ’80s, they set out to do good for those computer users in need. I love this video, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



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