Siri: Her First Argument Ever

Siri, Siri, Siri, she’s all everyone ever talks about when they start a conversation about the iPhone 4S. At least to me it seems that way. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why. She’s only been around for a short time, yet she’s become a good friend to a lot of people already. She’s always there to make us laugh, give us a good suggestion or even give us a kick in the pants right when we need it. She’s like the perfect AI friend we’ve always wanted.

I suppose since Siri will be there through the good times in our lives, she’ll also be there during the bad ones too, right? The hilarious staff over at College Humor created this video below of what a Siri argument might be like. Well, this isn’t an argument with Siri, it’s a husband and wife arguing, and they drag Siri right into the middle of it.

I have to give Siri props though. She didn’t take sides, and she tried her best to stand her ground and remain neutral. In the end, it was Siri who got crushed the most (literally). The lesson here is… Let’s try to keep our friends out of our arguments, even if they are AI friends. Enjoy!

Husband Wife Fight On Siri

Husband Wife Fight On Siri

Husband Wife Fight On Siri

Via: [Laughing Squid]