Slow Wi-Fi Sucks: WiGi May Be The Next Step In Solving That Problem

If you are a heavy Internet user, which you probably are since most of our readers are geeks, you know how frustrating it is to deal with a slow wi-fi connection. It will make you want to pull your hair out strand by strand. It’s funny to me how different our definition of “slow wi-fi” is now than it was a few years ago, but regardless of that, we want it lightening fast. If our connection can’t keep up with us, we will do just about anything to make it better, and that even includes getting in the car and driving to another location. You know it’s true.

I don’t get on public wi-fi much anymore since I prefer to use the 4G hotspot on my iPhone 5, but when I do have to get on public wi-fi, it’s usually at the busy time of day when there are tons of people trying to use the connection. And, of course, it’s slow. We have definitely reached a point in our collective Internet usage that we need to upgrade from wi-fi, but what will be next?

This is where WiGig comes in. WiGig stands for Wireless Gigabit Alliance. WiGig was announced back in 2009, but now it is only about a year away from actually entering our lives. Bottom line, it very well could become the new wireless standard and the upgrade we so desperately need. It will deliver results about ten times faster than the wi-fi we’re used to, but that’s not all. This innovative technology will also allow us a so much more efficient and effective Internet experience. Just watch the video below and be amazed.

The slow wi-fi we often experience today will soon be added to the list of things that we’ll tell our grandchildren about. Just like our grandparents told us, “We used to walk three miles in the snow to get to school,” we will say, “We used to wait a whole minute for a webpage to load when we had to use a slow wi-fi connection.” They will probably look at us and say, “Really? How did you survive that?” You can read all the geeky details about WiGig on NBC News.

Say Goodbye To Slow Wi-Fi With WiGig


Via: [NBC News] Header Image Credit: [FroderFun]