Smart Homes: Better Lifestyle Or Invitation For Hackers? [Infographic]

There’s a paradox in the way we live today. We want to live ‘smart lives’ in our ‘smart homes,’ yet we also want to do whatever we have to do to keep hackers out of our lives. Is that a contradiction, or does it just seem like one? Our homes are becoming smarter everyday since most appliances (even things like smoke detectors) are now built to connect to wi-fi and engage with us in ways we’ve never seen before. Are we really just wrapping up our homes to give them to hackers?

Smart homes today (not homes in the future, but homes today) allow you to control your doors, windows, lights, computers, security, temperature, Internet connection, remote control, entertainment system, oven, refrigerator, sprinkler system and much more with the touch of your smartphone.

There are of course many benefits to having smart homes, which is why having all those features is so wonderful. In addition to the added convenience and the added value these things add to our homes, they can help us reduce our monthly expenses and add a layer of security.

However, as our homes get smarter, so do hackers. How would you feel if a hacker gained access to all the features in your home? Is it too far-fetched to think that could happen? We’ve all heard people talk about how thieves could cut off someone’s finger to access their biometric controls, so now innovators are creating biometric devices that can sense blood flow. It’s creepy to say the least.

This infographic called Can Your Smartphone Keep You Safe? (by takes a closer look at this topic. Personally, I don’t think anyone would want to stop the incredible advancements in smart home technology. We all love having the additional features. So, we are just going to have to stay one step ahead of the hackers. From what I can see, there’s really no other way around it.

Can Smart Homes Keep Us Safe?

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Header Image Credit: [Social Media In Business]