Snap It & Stamp It – Camera Now Lets You Stamp Your Images!

I love technology and all we are able to come up with to make our lives that much more inspiring and fun. If it isn’t the iPhone 4, it’s something else that is continuously making us either smile about how great it is, or rant about how lame the updates are on it. All this is because we are used to the fact that there is always awesome stuff being released every flippin day. Well, it turns out that there are far more companies than just Apple who come up with ideas that will change technology forever.

This time it’s designer Jinhee Kim who has come up with a radical and interesting concept for something that I am sure will speak to a lot of people. It’s an ordinary digital camera that allows you to take ordinary pictures, edit them and then publish them on your blog or print them for your albums just like you can with any digital camera.

However, it does one more thing that no other camera is able to do. It will allow you to stamp the pictures on any surface and with pretty awesome quality as well. No matter what image you take, it will find the best pixelated rasterbation for you, and in the blink of an eye, you have your very own image stamper. It’s great for… pretty much everything. Use it on your letters, envelopes, essays or even your birthday cards. Your imagination is really the only limit. Named the “Stamp.y” camera, it sure makes sense, and I totally want one just to check out the technology behind it.