Tech Propaganda Posters Designed In WWII Style

Propaganda posters are so much fun, especially when they are designed like they are from the WWII era. That old-timey feel paired with what’s current is always an interesting combination worth checking out. Just this past summer, I wrote about some Twitter, Facebook and Google+ propaganda posters created by Aaron Wood, a designer living in Massachusetts. Those posters were great, and people really seemed to enjoy them.

This time around, Aaron has completed a collection specifically targeted at the tech industry. He spews his propaganda about Angry Birds, Android, Foursquare, Apple, YouTube and even zombies. I have no idea what zombies have to do with the tech industry, but since zombies seem to be squirming their way into everything these days, I’ll leave that one alone.

I think out of all of these, the Angry Birds one is my favorite. Seeing those little pigs look so scared cracks me up. That one might be my favorite because I’m so over the iPhone vs. Android phone debates. I’ve had both. It’s like comparing Twitter and Facebook. They are two completely different things, but I’ll save my opinion about that for another article. If you would like to purchase one of these posters, you can visit Aaron’s Etsy store where he sells them for only $8 each.

Foursquare Technology Propaganda Illustrations

Apple Technologoy Propaganda Posters

Buy Apple Android Propaganda Poster

Angry Birds Propaganda Drawing

Cat Morale Propaganda Drawing

Zombie Technology Propaganda Drawing

Via: [Winextra] [Randomization]