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There is so much content on the web today that finding ways to locate the best stuff is getting more challenging than ever. Readers, RSS feeds, standard email lists and Facebook EdgeRank are all missing an ingredient. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, but I don’t use any of those anymore since I still have to filter through them to find what I want. It’s too time consuming. A website called Techi, which launched in 2010, has found a creative way to fix this problem.

Techi is for technology geeks, so the content they provide is mainly about technology. It’s not the boring stuff about technology that nobody cares about but the cool stuff you want to know. The way it works is simple. The people at Techi (not an algorithm) curate the best tech content on the web.

They provide a title, a snippet of the info and a link to each article (which goes to the original source). There are a total of around 20 of the best tech stories from around the web posted each day. They also create quite a bit of original content written by some of the most recognized writers online. When you access Techi’s daily articles, you know you’re getting the best stuff on the web. There are two ways you can take advantage of their content curation.

The first option is you can go to Techi directly and choose from one of the categories to see the articles (there are 17 sub-categories which are all tech related). The other option is that you can do what I did and sign up for their daily email, which is simply a list of the stories they’ve curated that day along with links to the original sources. You might even be able to cut down on the amount of email you are getting since the Techi email will have the best stories from all over the web, so you can cancel some of those other subscriptions.

The way Techi has been able to take the idea of an email list and turn it into such a powerful tool is inspiring. It makes me wonder what other simple tools we are using each day that could be improved to better fit our needs. As we always say, it just takes a little creative inspiration to turn something old into something brand new again.

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