Technology Fans Are Like Sports Fans Jeering At The Opposition

Technology fans can often be some of the most vocal and die-hard supporters of their adopted gadgets, devices and computers. For those that are really in to it, the tech “side” they have picked makes better stuff than all the rest, and they’ll get into passionate arguments to prove their adopted cause is right, quite often overlooking the flaws in their own arguments. If you want to see this first hand, just put an Android fan and an Apple fan together in the same room and stand back to watch them rip in to each other!

I have a keen interest in technology, but am not a die-hard technology fan; nor am I an expert. I know what I want from my devices, and I’m willing to look at any type of device that will work for me, whether it be from Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft or anyone else. And since I write, I occasionally like to share my experiences, likes and impressions about the technology that I see and use in words.

That’s why I always find it highly amusing whenever I throw out a criticism of a particular tech product. It almost always generates more traffic to the article from die-hard supporters who are keen to leave comments telling me how I’m wrong I am and how I don’t know what I’m talking about. And some of the comments can be quite “direct.” On the other end of the scale, the “other” side will leave comments backing my statements and leaving complimentary remarks because it suits their case.

Watching it unfold, I can’t help but think that technology fans are like sports fans cheering on their teams and jeering at the opposition. It’s also not unlike political debates, where the right and the left will go at each other for infinity to prove their points.

At the end of the day, the big tech companies have something valuable to offer users, and none of them offer the definitive solution. This may sound like a cop out, but it’s the truth. Leaving aside any obvious flaws, most tech devices are comparable these days; what one lacks, the other makes up for and vice versa. It all just comes down to a matter of taste and preference for one type of feature or design over another.

It’s great to be living in a time where we are witnessing such an explosion in technological innovation. I’m looking forward to whatever new, wonderful devices will be coming our way, and I’m sure the technology fan debates about which ones are better or not will continue for a long time.

Technology Fans Are Like Sports Fans Jeering At The Opposition


Image Credits: [Vebidoo] [Top Ten Guru]