Technology For Kids: Play-Doh 3D Printer (This One Is Real)

I remember on April Fool’s Day this year when ThinkGeek came out with their Play-Doh 3D printer. It was a great prank, and a lot of people fell for it. Shockingly, for once, I figured it out before writing about it. I can assure you though, this particular Play-Doh 3D printer is for real. What a brilliant piece of technology for kids. Now the kiddies will be able to experience the 3D printing revolution along with us.

The only difference is, their experience will be in the form of colorful, squishy clay creations that come straight from their imaginations. This is the HYREL 3D printer engine with the HYREL Emulsifiable Extruder (EMO1), which can 3D print Play-Doh, modeling clay, Plasticine and other materials like that.

When children get tired of their creations, they can just mash them up like they would any ball of Play-Doh and resuse it over and over. Since this is designed to only use non-toxic materials, and since Play-Doh doesn’t get hot, it truly makes it the perfect 3D printer for kids. Also, many times devices and different sorts of technology for kids are fragile, but not this. Kids don’t have to worry that they will break these 3D printed designs since they are made from Play-Doh. They can get hands-on with this printer and have fun at the same time.

The only downside to this wonderful technology for kids is the price. It’s currently between $2,000 and $3,000. That price tag makes it out of reach for most people to use in their homes; however, it could be perfect for a school or classroom workshop that teaches kids about 3D printing and scanning. I kinda want one of these for myself. I used to love playing with Play-Doh, and this looks like a lot of fun!

Technology For Kids: Play-Doh 3D Printer



Via: [Inhabitots] [Gizmodo]