Test Your Mobile Knowledge With This Mobile Adventure Game [Flowchart]

Some people say that ‘mobile’ refers to our lifestyle, not our devices. It’s people who are mobile, not the devices. The devices are just created to support the lifestyle we want. I’m living a 90% mobile lifestyle at the moment. I love it, and I can’t imagine when I will ever be in the market for a desktop computer again. The thought of being tethered to a desk is very unappealing. This adventure game will test your mobile prowess.

The last 10% of my non-mobile lifestyle is in my television and a few radios, which are connected to the Internet with all kinds of cables and cords. I hardly ever turn them on, and with a little effort, it wouldn’t be too hard to cut those cords completely. I suppose that would mean getting rid of Netflix. How about you? Are you a cord cutter?

According to this article on PunchCut, “For the mobile promise to be fully realized, the concept of mobile must move beyond the assumption that it refers only to small screen mobile phones and tablets. When we admit that a television can be a hub and a desktop can be a doorway, mobile can truly become a lifestyle.” I’m not sure if I agree with that, but going mobile is definitely the direction technology has been heading for several years now.

This fun little adventure game, which is in the form of a flowchart, is called Are You The Ultimate Mobile Adventurer? (by giffgaff). Just start at the top of this adventure game, follow the prompts, answer a few questions, and find out if you are an annoying sidekick, a journeyman or the mighty mobile adventurer that you think you are. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues going mobile or if things will eventually come back full circle. Technology is unpredictable like that, so there is no way to be certain about the future. Only time will tell.

Test Your Mobile Knowledge With This Mobile Adventure Game

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Via: [visual.ly]