The 24ct Gold Apple iPad – For The Sophisticated Geek

We all kinda knew this was coming, right? Funny, I’m not much of a gold girl. I prefer silver and platinum. This iPad looks a little gaudy to me. However, I know some people get into this stuff.

Introducing… the 24ct gold plated iPad. Designer Stuart Hughes from Goldstriker creates these little shiny and delicious iPads. He has three available: 24ct gold, 18ct rose gold and 20ct white gold.

In my opinion, embellishing the iPad with gold strips away the simplistic beauty of it all, but I personally know of some people that would really love it. Of course, those people also have gold plated faucets in their bathrooms and gold plated rims on their car. Oh well, to each his own, right? :)

[via thedesignblog]