The Brick Thief: Lego’s Newest Stop Motion Film

As you know, we write a lot about Lego on Bit Rebels. Sometimes people ask me why we like Lego so much. It’s simple really. No matter what age you are, where you live, what you are doing, what problems you have in your life, if you can get your hands on a box of Lego bricks, you can escape into a fantasy world of imagination where anything is possible. Lego is the ultimate toy for children and adults, and it will never go out of style.

I remember about a year ago when the original Lego Click video was released. It was a lot of fun to watch since it explored that imaginary Lego land that I love; however, I wish they would have cast a different person to play the strange looking weird man with the funky mustache. But, that’s just my opinion of course.

About a week ago, Lego Click released their sequel to the original. This video, entitled “The Brick Thief,” is a stop-motion just like the first one. It also features the same weird mustache dude as the first one, but for some reason, I like this video much better. There is just something about a hand popping out of a cereal box and an airplane seat that is very creative and in perfect Lego fashion. I wish so much I would have kept all my Lego bricks from when I was a kid. Very well done. I love you Lego.

[via Geekologie]