The Climate Dress – Monitoring Pollution Never Looked So Good

Once again, fashion and environmental awareness collide and the result is this: The Climate Dress. There was a lot of thought, planning and love put into this dress. The technology is a collaboration between the Copenhagen design studio Diffus, the Swiss embroidery company Forster-Rohner, the Danish research-based company Alexandra Institute and the Danish School of Design.

Bottom line, it signals when there is too much CO2 in the air. According to, “The Climate Dress is made of conductive embroidery, over one hundred tiny LED lights inserted into the embroidery, a CO2 sensor and an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor. The LEDs visualize the level of CO2 in the nearby surroundings and are powered through the embroidery!” They seemed to have thought of every detail when creating this dress. The lights even change their blinking sequence so it can blink with slow pulses or swift flashes, depending on how dangerous the air quality is (how much CO2 is in the air). Nice!

While I don’t think these dresses will be mass produced any time soon, it certainly is a wonderful way that science and creativity have combined to create something really special that will surely bring more environmental awareness to the world, which was their goal in the first place.