The Closest We’ll Get To A Real Lightsabre – A Wicked Laser!

Yesterday Richard wrote an article about lightsabres that basically told us all that unfortunately, in our lifetime, we would probably never see a real lightsabre created. He supplied all the facts to back that up. If you missed that article, you can read about it here.

After I finished pouting over this revelation, I found something very interesting. WickedLasers recently introduced a new laser that could be the closest we can get to a real lightsaber right now.

This thing is so powerful it can set things and people on fire. For real! According to the website, “Extremely dangerous is an understatement to the power of 1W of laser power. It will blind permanently and instantly and set fire quickly to skin and other parts. Use with extreme caution.”

Wow, that sounds like a modern day lightsabre to me! It even comes in packaging that looks like a lightsabre. I won’t go into the technical stuff here, but if you want to learn all the fabulously powerful details about this weapon, click here.

[via wickedlasers}