The iBottleopener: A Party In Your Pocket

Oh my goodness, this makes me laugh so hard. I don’t know if it’s the cheesy porn music in this video, or that guy’s 1970s smile, but I’m diggin this new iPhone case.

We’ve written about bottle openers before. It seems we all get in that situation every so often where we need a bottle opener and can’t find one. With the iBottleopener, you will always have a bottle opener as close as your phone!

I’ve seen a lot of useful iPhone cases in the past, but this one might just be the best one yet. Currently it only fits the iPhone 3G/3Gs, but soon one will be released to fit the iPhone 4. It’s fun, functional, and sells here for $19.95. Apparently the company that makes these is struggling to keep up with demand, and they’ve even started creating another iPhone case with a corkscrew on the back. I don’t know that I would actually buy this, but dang it’s funny for sure.

[via coolest gadgets]