The iPhone Gun Case – For The Clint Eastwood & Al Pacino In You

You can definitely tell that I live in the Southern part of the States with this article. There are many places where shooting a gun is considered a taboo, but here, for many people, learning to shoot a gun is as natural as learning to drive a car.

I wrote an article about bullet hole art a few weeks ago. Talk about unique artwork created with a gun! If you missed that, you can check it out here.

Today I’m sharing a different kind of gun craziness with you. This iPhone gun case is insane! With this, you will be able to transform into Clint Eastwood every time you answer your phone. I’m also feeling Al Pacino in the movie Heat.

If this is something you’d like to sport around, you can check out the DIY instructions on Thingiverse. I have two questions. Where is the iPhone gun holster? Does this mean you won’t be able to take your phone in an airport? Beware: By carrying your iPhone in this case, you might get arrested. Hey, at least it doesn’t fire any bullets. :)

[via technabob]