The Jacket That Converts Into A Tent

Are you the outdoor type of person? Are you someone who likes to rough it in the wilderness? I am not the outdoor type because there aren’t many places near where I live to explore and enjoy nature. However, I have friends who will drive 12 to 14 hours to go into the mountains in order to experience nature and its beauty.

I’ve been told that a person really needs to make sure that he or she is well protected from the elements when camping or hiking since sometimes the weather is extreme. Being prepared is the key defense for extreme temperatures. I found a jacket that would be perfect for outdoor adventures.

It is called the Jakpak. According to Fast Company – It’s loaded with features, suited for three seasons of camping (spring, summer and fall). The jacket itself is breathable and waterproof. It even has a routing system for iPod cords. Inside, extra fabric in the lining can be unfurled to create a sleeping bag. There’s also another large flap, integrated into the back, that converts the sleeping bag into a one-person tent. The jacket interior even contains a mosquito net.

Source: [FastCompany]