The Ultimate Gadget Table – No Other Table Needed

I think I have just found what I’ve always been looking for. It’s the one thing that has been missing in my life office and home. Being a gadget geek sure doesn’t help the electric bill and with the upcoming flood of new life changing gadgets, that is unlikely to change anytime soon. I have long been wondering how I could organize, hide and store them until they are fully charged. I think I have just found the solution.

This is all thanks to my new favorite designer Philippe Barsol. He is probably going to change the way we use our coffee tables from now on with his @home Coffee Table. The impact of such a table is unprecedented, and I can honestly say I am like a kid in a candy store at the moment. If I could just find out when and if this awesome build will be available on the market, all would be well.

Price wouldn’t really matter cause its multiple uses will make it worth it regardless of the price. Imagine just putting your devices in this table and hiding them until they are fully charged. Imagine flipping up that table like a control station to start working. No more having to move magazines, cups of tea, etc… Even the remote wouldn’t be in the way. Gadget Table #FTW!