The Ultimate Geek Clock

I know I write a lot about being creative, but in reality, I have an undergraduate degree in math and accounting. Secretly, I still love math, physics in particular. Don’t hate me, okay?

Although the right side of my brain has taken over the past couple years, I still enjoy a challenging math equation, especially when it relates to real life situations. Fractals are a great example of this. Another great example is this ubber cool geek clock.

According to, “The Flock Clock uses male and female drinking birds to display time. Binary addition of the female birds (left to right) yields the hour. Binary addition of the male birds (multiplied by five) yields the minute, within five minutes. An Arduino processor provides the signals needed to drive Peltier cells which heat the fluid in the birds and causes the bobbing motion.”

My son, @toad_mario, is a math fanatic, and he thinks this clock is the best thing he has ever seen. If you want to take this to the next level of geek-dom, you can build your own flock clock by following the step by step directions here: I can’t stop smiling, this is brilliant to me.