The Unusual Handshake Device: For Those Awkward Moments

We’ve written about the designs of Dominic Wilcox many times on Bit Rebels. His innovative and creative style always makes me smile. I have to wonder though, when he created this design, was he serious or was it a sarcastic gesture?

There are many reasons why some people don’t like shaking hands. Some people are germaphobes… cough cough… and they carry hand sanitizer in their bag for post-handshakes. Other people don’t like shaking hands because they simply don’t like the other person.

The device below is called the Pre-Handshake Device. According to Dominic, he “designed this product in an attempt to give those people a new, more acceptable alternative.” He goes on to say that he would “encourage anyone who has fallen out with a friend, family member, colleague, gang member or world leader to use the Pre-Handshake Device and let bygones be bygones.” Hey, I’m a big fan of forgiveness, and if this device is what it will take for some people to forgive, then I’m all for it!

[via dominic wilcox]