“The Video Potential of Experimental Sequential”

Do you like art exhibits? I think they are an amazing way for people to see an artist’s work up front and in one place. It really takes a lot of hard work to put on an exhibit. If you have not been to an art exhibit, I would recommend that you do so. Its is an amazing experience. It will allow you to get inspired if you are a budding artist or an art lover.

I was speaking to one of my dear friends on Twitter @ryanseslow who has an ongoing art exhibit. What is great about this art exhibit is that it is done in video format. Now you can see the works of 10 artists that were curated by Ryan Seslow himself. The title is “The Video Potential of Experimental Sequential.” The program emphasizes the medium of digital video and computer based editing software as a means of expression and communication. The purpose of this exhibition is to survey, inspire, expose, and raise the awareness of motion related art through the medium of video. It is a video art based exhibition with works from established and emerging artists:

1. Lindsey Graham
2. Dustin Klare
3. Jerelyn Hanrahan
4. dNASAb
5. Javier Cambre
6. Ryan Seslow
7. Meredith Toto
8. Jim Nestor
9. Alice Arnold
10. Nicole Tschampel

“The Video Potential of Experimental Sequential” the program runs out of The Hague : The Netherlands from May 1st – 31st 2010

Here is a link to the show for more information –  https://www.streamingfestival.com/program/video_potential_of_experimental_sequantial.php