The World’s First Curved Cell Phone: LG Exo Smartphone

It’s been said many times before, but it’s worth mentioning again. The cell phones of today truly don’t have any style to them. They are just protective shells with a lot of advanced technology inside of them. It’s like the manufacturers are just trying to cram as much goo in there to satisfy us all without thinking about the ever so important appeal of the outer look. Sure, some phones are simply amazing… when it comes to their features that is.

People are getting more and more picky about what their cell phone looks like. I can, off the top of my head, say that I know of ten people that truly hate their iPhone because of its looks. They really like how it functions and what features it has, but they think the design really blows. It’s like a small brick with a lot of gloss added to it.

That’s why designer Benjamin Lotte decided to help LG come up with the next design phone for people that give a rats ass about how their cell phone looks. This one has an internal exoskeleton which protects the inner technology. On it is a rubber-like material that is curved in shape. This all makes the phone have a cool and really comfortable way for you to hold it and use it. You are probably going to be able to switch the outer layer rubber shell with something else. At least now, it’s entirely up to you what you want it to look like. Sure, there were shells that you could buy before as well, but they always looked just like the first one. There was no change there except some odd or crazy coloring.