This GPS Bracelet Counts The Miles Until You’re Home

You’re at work and can’t wait to get off. You just want to get back home to spend some time with your family. It’s been on your mind all day, and you feel very close to them, despite the distance. It’s bugging you, and it feels like seconds are turning into hours. With your feet dragging, you finish your shift and get ready to go home, but where is the excitement? Where is the indicator that you’re getting closer to the love?

It’s on your wrist of course! Designer Paolo Buatti & Alessandro Palombarini have created one of the coolest GPS bracelets that you could ever imagine. It’s almost taken straight from a sci-fi movie. It tells you, using icon glyphs, how far from home you are in miles. With a display worthy of any geeks wrist, it tells you exactly when you’re home and keeps updating you until you reach your destination.

Not only will this gadget probably make your girlfriend overly excited, but she will be able to count down the minutes until she gets that back rub you have been promising her for weeks and weeks now. Oh, and it’s also a watch of course. Turn it a bit, and there it is. I wonder though… this sounds more like a GPS tracking device if you ask me. Is this a clever way of always knowing where your girlfriend is? That’s a horrible thought… horrible!