This Happens Every 60 Seconds On The Internet

We all know the span of the Internet is huge, that’s no surprise. However, sometimes I wonder if our brains are capable of comprehending how big it truly is. It’s like the Universe we live in. My mind always gets blown when I read about the scope of it. It’s really humongous beyond our understanding. The Internet is starting to be a place like that also.

A few months ago I read that if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated country in the world. That statistic alone is nuts, and just think, that’s only one website. I read in 10 Life Lessons We Can Learn On Twitter yesterday that there are a billion tweets tweeted on Twitter every week now! Do you find that shocking?

This infographic, designed by Go-Globe, puts it all in perspective. Can you believe that in every 60 seconds 13,000 iPhone apps are downloaded? In every 60 seconds there are 168 million emails sent! In every 60 seconds, over 370,000 voice minutes are used on Skype. I never knew so much could happen in one short minute. Yeah, this is wild. The Internet is truly a whole universe in itself. Wow, I’m just grateful I was born in a time when I get to be a part of the magic!

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This Happens Every 60 Seconds

Via: [Digital Buzz Blog]