This Watch Reminds You To Appreciate The Sky!

In our fast-paced world, we often forget to appreciate the simple things in life, don’t we? With all of our deadlines and obligations, it’s easy to take for granted a beautiful sunrise or the sparkling stars in the sky at night.

Ryohei Yoshiyuki, a designer from Japan, wanted to change this. He wanted to create something that would remind us to look at the beauty in the sky. He succeeded in his goal when he designed this “Time of the Sky” watch.

According to Ryohei, “We are always looking at some kind of window, on the computer, mobile phone and so on, and now a small window on one’s arm.” This watch not only changes colors every few seconds (each color represents a real color in the sky), but it also tells time by the moon or sun’s real appearance at the time it is. In other words, you tell time by reading the sky, which is on your wrist. What a creative idea with a beautiful message!

[via buzz-beast]