Is It Time For A New Phone?

Release season has just passed us by as all of the major manufacturers have unveiled and released their new phone and latest devices, most may appear extremely similar to their previous generations with small features added and other little tweaks to make them just a little bit better, and to justify the ever-growing price tag too.

Many users are now holding onto their device for a longer period of time, splashing out over a thousand dollars every year or two for a new device that doesn’t offer much in the way of improvement over the old device is becoming unsustainable, particularly when current devices are still every bit as powerful for some time to come yet.

If you’re considering a change, there are a few things to consider beforehand, some of these decisions could save a chunk of change, but if an upgrade is desired these same considerations could help to determine the best device to upgrade to.

 Time New Phone?


What’s The Device Used For?

The main consideration for most will be what the device will actually be used for – if it’s simply a calling and texting device with some light social media usage, a top of the range brand new device may be overkill.

The latest trends are showing other activities particularly within gaming growing on mobile devices, audiences are flogging to many of the biggest games like those found on and may serve a very different use case, so if gaming is on the agenda, this should also be a consideration.

Any Essential Special Or High-Quality Features?

As phones are being shipped with increasingly powerful cameras, alternative features like a temperature sensor on the newest Pixel, or even things like a foldable display, these unique features can make a device desirable for different reasons too.

Cameras are often the big one, a higher quality camera for high-quality imagery or video recording is important for many with these devices often replacing a digital camera for some, and some devices have certainly earned a much better reputation here than others.

Foldable displays with the likes of the Z Flip and Z Fold from Samsung have also changed the game here, some of these devices are considerably more expensive for something that many see currently as just a novelty, but there is a market for these unique features for those that are willing to pay.

How Long Will The Device Be Used For?

Although planned obsolescence of devices has been all but debunked at this point, what isn’t a secret is that major manufacturers will reduce the performance of these devices over the course of the lifespan in order to protect hardware and expand the lifespan of the item too.

Most will last for a good for years, however, and so lifespan of the device will be a major consideration too – knowing a device can be kept for 4-5 years and work as intended can help sway a decision and should be a consideration before deciding which device to choose too.

The mobile landscape is constantly changing, and something that appeals to many different people for many different reasons, with considerations above and other aspects like price being a major factor too, whether or not an upgrade is on the table should be a carefully thought-out process.

Modern devices are pushing $1,200+ and mostly aren’t worth the price compared to older devices, as we’re all cutting costs through reducing the number of active subscriptions, cutting back here and there, reducing the amount we pay on our device plans is the next step to cutting back on costs whilst keeping a desirable device too.

 Time New Phone?


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