Today’s Phones Must Be Secure And Easy To Use

It used to be that phones were either secure or highly functional. Today, there’s no tradeoff between usefulness and security when you use a phone designed from the ground up for security.

Ordinary smartphones and popular third-party apps may have more security liabilities than you realize. Let’s take a closer look at how the most secure phones on the market also offer fantastic features that are easy to use.

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Strongest Encryption And No Server Storage

The expression “end-to-end encryption” is commonly advertised on free communication apps. However, some phones use stronger encryption than others. Look for a platform with military-grade encryption, the strongest available.

Strong encryption prevents hackers from decrypting secured data, so they look for alternative ways to access your data. This could be done by bypassing safeguards to mine unencrypted data at rest on a server. Therefore, you need a platform that doesn’t store your communications and provides you with an encrypted phone for data at rest. Hackers don’t need to crack encryption if your device isn’t protected or if they can find a backdoor onto a server used to back up your communications.

The best platforms only store very basic information on the server, like your username, activation date, and expiry date. When your emails and text messages aren’t kept on a server, they’ll be impossible for a hacker to find.

All Apps In One

Secure phones used to be difficult to use unless you were tech-savvy. Today’s safest phones provide a full suite of intuitive tools, streamlining secure phone communications and making them user-friendly.

Users shouldn’t have to struggle with their devices to enjoy the benefits of digital safety. There’s no need to toggle back and forth between secure apps when you have one-click access to features like encrypted calling, contacts, groups, messages, pictures, and a camera.

To be sure you are secure, your encrypted phone should be easy to use. The more complicated the device is, the more likely you are to compromise your own privacy.

Group Chats

Be sure you can communicate securely even if the conversations you are having are with contacts who use a different encrypted platform than you are. Make sure your service provider doesn’t blocklist its competitors.

Even when multiple people connect simultaneously, you want to be able to see the others in the group are encrypted. It should be as easy as tapping your contact list to add others to the group chat.

Self-Destructing Messages, Remote Wipes

Phone security needs to be nuanced, with users having granular control over their privacy and security. Features like self-destructing messages let you limit the shelf-life for sensitive data, eliminating the risk of it being shared with anyone other than the intended recipient.

If your phone gets lost or stolen, the remote wipe feature allows you to erase its contents remotely. Security measures that eliminate threats to your privacy, such as an optional duress password and tamper-proofing, give you peace of mind when you know your phone’s contents are safer from hackers.

People rely on their phones to keep organized and communicate with both business and personal contacts. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for digital security to protect your privacy. With an encrypted phone that has all the features described above, you won’t become a victim of bad actors.

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