Today’s Tech Trends – The Latest Developments In Automobile Technology

We all live in a world that is becoming more and more dependent on advanced technology. And while this fact may ruffle the feathers of our older generations who’ve made it through decades of life without using technological tools, this trend is only forecast to continue.

Our technology plays a critical role in our everyday lives. Everything from the healthcare industry to the latest trend of working remotely is all technology-dependent and the automotive industry has as well.

Our vehicles require the latest technology not only to enhance our driving experience but to keep us safe on the roads as well. In fact, without some of the latest technology, the cars we drive would be much less safe.

With all of the latest technology that has come about in recent years, many find it hard to keep up with what’s new. Here, we’ll explore some of the latest automobile technology trends.

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Remote Assistance Tech

Being stranded on the roadside is nothing to laugh about. If you’ve ever had a breakdown while far from home, you know exactly how unnerving this experience can be.

With advancements in remote assistance tools within the last decade, being stranded on the roadside comes with a bit of relief nowadays. In fact, OnStar was one of the first onboard roadside assistance features added to GM vehicles. With the press of a button, you can be connected to an operator who can alert authorities if you can’t get service on your cell phone, or if you need directions.

Additionally, in the event of an accident, a remote assistant can notify the authorities and call an ambulance if you are unresponsive in your vehicle.

These features, however, don’t make up for the fact that you should always have adequate car insurance with roadside assistance added to your policy. If you find that you don’t have any towing or roadside assistance features in your policy, you should shop for a new quote and select appropriate insurance.

360 Degree Cameras

In some vehicles today, your driving experience is almost like riding in the cockpit of a multi-million dollar aircraft. And, with some of the advanced onboard electronics, you might even think you could blast off into space.

Though we haven’t yet reached a Back to the Future level of experience, much of our technology makes it feel this way. A 360-degree camera, for instance, literally gives you a virtual bird’s eye view of your vehicle and its surroundings.

This type of technology comes in handy when you’re in close proximity to other vehicles, alerting you to obstructions and enabling you to see the position of your vehicle right from your dashboard.

Digital Key Tech

As our smartphones have become integral parts of our daily lives here in the United States, we’ve been able to develop apps that can assist us with everything from changing the temperature in our homes, to turning on the lights, all from the touch of our smartphones.

When it comes to automotive tech, this same app technology is now being used in digital key technology that can be tied directly to your smartphone.

With a digital key app, you can remotely unlock doors, check tire pressure, oil levels, fuel levels, and even remotely start your vehicle all from your smartphone. Though some digital keys come with a monthly or annual subscription for this service, many prefer to have this level of control from the comfort of their phones.

With developments in in-app software that is geared toward protecting teen drivers to warning tech that allows for a motorist to be alerted to an approaching cyclist, the tech that we use in our vehicles is only getting smarter and safer.

The truth is, you can’t be too safe while on the roads today. And with more safety and convenience features being developed, it’s only a matter of time before all of our vehicles are literally driving us wherever we need to go.

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