Top 3 Warehouse Management System Trends For 2019

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a type of software that restructures and typically ‘simplifies’ warehouse operations. From picking processes to auditing WMS solutions assist logistics businesses with the necessary data and processes to ensure their warehouses are running efficiently and cost-effectively.

Warehouse management systems require the adoption of leading technologies in order to reduce overheads and streamline logistics operations, allowing companies to remain competitive. Now more than ever businesses need to get on board with the latest technological trends and optimize their warehouses, setting them up for a profitable future. To stay ahead of the game, we have listed three of the top warehouse management trends buzzing in 2019.

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Artificial Intelligence

This year ‘AI’ is at the forefront of technological development. According to Teradata’s report, State of Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprises, supply chain and operations were ranked as one of the three main industries driving AI revenue.

AI is shaking up logistics as it continues to improve warehouse systems and their algorithmic capabilities, sensors, data storage, power and processing. For example, pick paths could be automated and optimized to a degree that human intervention will no longer be necessary. It’s clear artificial intelligence is set to make a huge impact – how can your company embrace it?

Cloud-Based Systems

SaaS solutions and cloud technology have revolutionized the way logistics companies operate in 2019 by shifting overheads from capex to opex, lowering costs and simplifying complex processes. CartonCloud is one such cloud-based system whose operations have improved warehouse management systems by reducing admin overheads and streamlining operations.

CartonCloud is an affordable solution for all small to medium-sized companies. Another operator making an impact in cloud-based logistics space is Oracle with their unique warehouse management system, which provides users with multi-channel demand and execution processes and great visibility into inventory.

There are many and varying cloud-based systems making waves in the logistics space in 2019 and it isn’t a one size fits all situation. Research is key to understanding if a SaaS system will benefit your warehouse operations.

Warehouse Robotics Technology

Robotics technology is at the cutting-edge of warehouse management. Smart robots working from specifically designed software are now able to oversee storage movement, sorting and improved navigation resulting in faster shipping.

Amazon is a great example of warehouse automation being integrated with advanced robotic systems now allowing for seamless warehouse operations to technologically advance the company well into the future.

Investing in warehouse robotics may help logistics companies to increase their product orders and warehouse navigation among many other benefits. Perhaps a smart robot might be the key to sorting out your warehouse?

Overall it’s clear that technology is the answer to warehouse management and the logistics industry at large. Whether companies choose to embrace AI, cloud-based systems or robotics solutions, or perhaps all three, your company will indeed reap the benefits as identified by logistics giant Amazon.

The future is yours for the taking, stay behind and drown in staff overheads and old school paper trails or get ahead, stay ahead and evolve with the help of logistics technology that will make you outshine your competitors and turn your warehouse into a haven of efficiency.

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