Top 5 Conversion Opportunities For Digital Marketers [Infographic]

If you are a digital marketer, and if you are interested in learning how to improve your conversions and return on your marketing investments, this infographic by Adobe will show you the top five ways you can do that according to their research. When I read about this, one word that really stuck out to me was “optimize.” Optimizing is a big deal here at Bit Rebels, and Richard spends countless hours each week making our site as optimized as it can possibly be. If you have a website like ours that is constantly adding new content, features, designs, plugins, images, guest writers and much more, you know how tricky that can be sometimes.

I think of optimizing as being a little like SEO in the fact that some of optimization, from a user experience perspective, is simple and common sense, and some of it isn’t. For example, I can’t tell you how many times I have clicked on a link, but since the person promoting the site didn’t send out the permalink to the specific information itself, I am sent to the home page where I have to then search for that particular content. That is not optimizing your reader’s experience on your site.

Another example of some obvious optimization you can do to keep people on your site a little longer is to upgrade your images. With the success of Pinterest, we are all spoiled when it comes to images now. If your website has no images or small, low quality images, readers will boogy off your site as quickly as they got on. You can read more about that at How Images Affect The Success Of Your Blog.

However, some optimization strategies are not this obvious. Some involve the testing and cross selling, including recommendations for the products you are selling, video presentations and many other things you might not have thought of until today. This infographic not only provides a lot of useful tips to consider, but Adobe also offers a whole PDF of the information they discovered in their 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey. You can read more about all this and download the survey on Adobe’s Digital Marketing blog. Like this infographic reads, inefficient is no longer acceptable.

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