Top 7 Most Beneficial Tech Gifts For Technology-Driven Kids

With changing interests and more options than ever, kids can be tricky to buy tech gifts for. Luckily, we’ve compiled a few of the latest and greatest in tech toys to capture the interest of any youngster out there with the imagination and a touch of curiosity.

Jimu DIY Robot Buzzbot & Muttbot Robotics Kit

Including everything you need to build either BuzzBot or his MuttBot best friend, this kit pushes the boundaries of the imagination with 271 pieces, 6 servos, one battery and one MC-Box to encourage kids to design whatever the can dream into a possibility. Once the bot is assembled, kids can use a smartphone application to make it move, do tricks and even dance.

Bitsbox Subscription

Bitsbox is a subscription that helps kids take simple coding concepts and continue building. The first box begins with simple foundational understanding and basic commands, while the second helps solidify advanced action commands before delivering the third, and most complex of the set. No coding experience is needed and is suitable for both boys and girls and kids as young as 6. There’s really no better time than now to expose kids to technology that could one day influence their careers, and for as low as $20 a month, that’s a pretty good investment.

Code-A-Pillar Deluxe

You can get kids as early as preschool age engaging their critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, the ability to sequence, memory and problem solving with a toy like the Code-a-pillar Deluxe. The set comes with a motorized head and 8 easy-to-connect segments that can be put together in endless combinations. Every time kids change or rearrange the segments, the Code-a-pillar takes a different path, lights up and makes sounds, while targets challenge kids to reach specific goals. The deluxe version also includes an expansion pack, which includes even more possibilities!

SYMA X5C Drone

One of the most popular options out of all the tech gifts on this page is the drone. So, for your pilot-in-training, a drone may be just the ticket. However, some models can be a bit pricey, especially for a young operator. The SYMA X5C is a cheaper drone option that is especially suited for beginners. But despite being a budget option, it still boasts quite a few features, including an HD camera, the ability to perform flips and to be flown either indoors or outdoors.

For a comprehensive selection of the top products at the moment, you may wish to check out this drone guide by My Kid Needs That for additional detailed information into the leading kids drones.


[pullquote]This is one of the more clever options of the tech gifts mentioned in this list.[/pullquote] If a real furry friend is out of the question, then CHiP, the smart pup coded with artificial intelligence may be just the solution. With infrared vision, ChIP can “see” and interact with its surroundings while BeaconSense gives the robo pup the ability to exercise relational awareness (i.e. what’s around it, which keeps it from running into the couch, the wall, or you) Even more amazing, GestureSense allows the robot to respond to gesture-based interactions such as touch or claps. ChiP is also app-enabled so you can control its movements with your smart device while voice recognition allows the pup to respond it its name as well as specified list of commands.

SAM Labs Science Museum Inventor Kit

The SAM Labs Science Museum Inventor Kit comes with 5 step-by-step projects to teach kids the fundamentals of a variety of inventions is another one to stand out and complement the top rated kids gift ideas this year. Four wireless SAM blocks, the SAM Space online app and detailed project instructions walk kids through how to master Morse code, how to make electronic music, create an alarm, make art come alive with sound and even how to make a mini drum machine.  The box also comes with a SAM Light sensor, SAM buzzer, tilt, motor, USB charging cable, a Bluetooth Dongle and a motor attachment. Once kids master the starter kit, they can move onto one of SAM Labs many other exploratory options to keep the learning groove going.

Meccano Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot

What kid wouldn’t want their own personal robot?  Especially one with over 1,000 comebacks to keep the future engineer on his or her toes. Kids not only learn some fundamentals of robotics, the build also requires a bit of basic programming as well. When all is said and done, the Mecanno Meccamoid is around 2 feet tall… pretty much the perfect sized companion for your tech-loving kid.

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Top 7 Most Beneficial Tech Gifts For Technology-Driven Kids

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