Top Altcoin Wallets For Online Gamblers

The universe of altcoin wallets is vast. As a gambler, you may find the sheer variety of services a bit overwhelming. Since altcoins broke into the cryptocurrency sphere as an alternative to Bitcoin, hundreds of wallets have been created to serve crypto money holders’ needs. Obviously, not all of the service providers are equal in terms of value and security.

Since more online casinos have broken ground in cryptocurrency adoption, slot enthusiasts and general casino sharks want to start using altcoins for their gambling activities. In the following paragraphs, we’ll list the top altcoin wallets you could use to store your earnings from crypto eGaming sites, for example, from a list of casino bonuses. Most of these services cover Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and various altcoins.

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Guarda Web Wallet

You’ll have no worries whether things will work on your particular device or browser. The major benefit of Guarda Web Wallet is its capability of working across a broad range of devices and operational systems. Regardless if you prefer Android, Ubuntu, iOS, Windows, or Linux, using the service won’t pose a problem.

Compared to cold wallets, you face slightly lower security levels. Additionally, the number of supported tokens and coins is on the smaller side. Still, you have the full support of over 50 altcoins, and it’s free to set up. Many online gamblers who are into cryptocurrencies have taken up Guarda on their value proposition and are currently loving it.

Ledger Nano S

Physical crypto wallets are all the rage nowadays. These products offer a superior level of protection for your hard-earned crypto assets. The support of altcoins and various tokens is astounding. You can easily store over 1,100 different cryptocurrencies and tokens inside a wallet with a slick look and solid functionality.

From an online gambler’s point of view, Ledger Nano S might have even too many functions. It’s more than unlikely that you’d use ICO tokens to play slots in an online casino. However, this physical crypto wallet offers more security than Guarda and other virtual altcoin wallets. Frequenting a Bitcoin casino with Ledger Nano S secures your crypto winnings nice and easy.

Coinbase Wallet

Once again, this is a mobile wallet with a lack of private key access. It’s still a hot commodity. The setup is 100% free. The iOS and Android recovery options are at your fingertips. This wallet’s overall background is tight because its owner is one of the largest cryptocurrency brokers globally. This company has invested quite a lot into keeping things as secure as possible.

Regulated wallets are the future. However, the downside of Coinbase Wallet is its relative lack of supported altcoins. Compared to Ledger Nano S, things aren’t looking as bright if you are looking to store exotic cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, most gamblers want to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin together with some mainstream altcoins. In this regard, Coinbase does a great job.

The Bottom Line of Altcoin Wallets for Gamblers

The onslaught of crypto casinos creates a demand for Bitcoin and altcoin wallets. In the early 2020s, you have a jaw-dropping variety of wallets in front of you. Be smart, though. Some of these products are more reliable and trustworthy than others. Some of our top recommendations include Coinbase Wallet, Guarda, and Ledger Nano S.

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