Track Your Carbon Footprint

It’s a free, open-source Adobe AIR app that calculates your carbon footprint by measuring the fuel, power, and paper you use. And it does much of this automatically. By tracking your carbon consumption, it’ll help you see where you have the most negative impact so you know where to put the three Rs into action. Aside from reducing, reusing, and recycling, it can link you to places where you can offset your carbon totals. ECOBOT is here for your greener good from the outset to the offset.

How does it work?

See your fuel consumption. Wherever you take your laptop, ECOBOT automatically detects that you’ve travelled by keeping track of the wireless networks you access and letting you assign geographic locations to each. When you move from one network to another, it calculates the distance. Once detected, you’re prompted to enter how you got there, and the distance will be added to your trip history. Of course, if you’ve got a desktop computer, you can manually enter your travels instead of lugging a hard drive around.

It is now in Beta, you can check it out and install on your computer and start tracking your Carbon Footprint.