Treat Your Acne With Your iPhone!

Can your iPhone actually cure your acne? Apparently the answer is yes. Soon, popping zits the old fashioned way might be an activity of the past.

If you would have told me I would be writing this article a few years ago, I would have said no way. Technology never ceases to amaze me. I suppose I don’t need to spend money on Proactiv every month anymore, I can just use my iPhone.

Dr. Greg Pearson’s AcneApp is available in the Apple App Store for $1.99 and it supposedly not only cures acne, but also helps with wrinkles. How does this work? Your iPhone will project light technology (red or blue light) onto your face while you chit-chat on the phone. This light will kill bacteria and promote collagen growth.

There is good news and bad news to this discovery –

The good news is that now you can talk on the phone and treat your acne all at the same time (just remember to switch sides of your face while talking). What could be more inexpensive and efficient than that?

The bad news is that you may possibly cure your acne, but in doing so, you might have a whole new problem since the ultraviolet rays projected on your face might cause your nose to fall off, okay, maybe not, but you know that can’t be healthy. Oh, and did I mention, according to the New York Times, studies have shown that you have to “treat yourself” at least 88 times before you can see a difference, and even then, this is not a proven strategy. It is also not FDA approved.