Turn Back Time With This Beautifully Handcrafted iPad Case

As so many people slowly make the transition from reading traditional books to reading on kindles and iPads, it seems many of us are feeling nostalgic about the look and feel of old fashioned books. I can assure you that libraries are still alive. I just took my son to a library yesterday; however, it seemed like a ghost town in there.

Is reading a hard cover book really becoming an activity of the past? If you enjoy getting your books in digital form, but you also long for the feeling of the good old days, there are a few options for you. One is an aerosol e-book enhancer spray to get that musty book smell anywhere you go. (Hmm… I don’t think so.)

Another option is to get this handcrafted beautiful “book case” for your iPad or kindle. It is a hard case, made from natural materials, that looks like a book and tailored to hold your device. You can put your “book” on a bookshelf, on a coffee table or even in your car. Wherever you decide to store your gadget, it will be safe and sound inside this insulated case. The company that makes these also makes a case that fits your MacBook (see the picture below). I want one of each! Learn more about this at Long Live Books. To check out some other luxury iPad cases, click here.